1. ‘the moist, fertile soil’
  2. ‘her brother’s eyes became moist’
  3. ‘exposure to the Atlantic on the west gives rise to a cool, moist climate’
  4. Marked by a fluid discharge.

A word rooted in fertility, growth, arousal and emotion yet also the most hated word in the English language because of its ‘gross’ connotations with bodily functions.

MOIST is an exploration of the correlation between beauty and disgust, a space where the narratives of femininity, gender identity, sexuality and body politics are explored.

As a woman artist / single- mother artist,  I have often struggled to find works that really resonate with my own experiences, artists who make work that I really connect to on a deep emotional level. I often wander round galleries and feel like the work on display isn’t there for me, it says nothing about the world I live in or the experiences I have had. My own artistic practice explores gender identities and the maternal narrative through the lens of my own experiences and over the past couple of years (thanks to the internet) I have discovered many more artists who are exploring a shared experience through their work.  Starting off as a way of collating the work of female artists and mother artists who inspire my own research and practice, it is also a means of curating a fertile ground for discourse around contemporary femininity and motherhood.

Lauren McLaughlin is a visual artist, curator and writer based in Scotland.