Russian photographer Yuliya Skorobogatova created a series of self portraits using a selfie stick to portray her daily life with her two daughters.

– I’m tired, it is hard for me. – Well, you do nothing, just watching over the baby! – I heard once from one of my friends in response to my complaints. Well, he is right in some way – I don’t have to wake up early 5 times a week and rush to the other side of Moscow in a metro carriage packed like a box of sardines. To sit in a traffic jam listening to those iPod tracks over and over again. I don’t have to deal with office tasks and follow management orders. I stay at home and yes, I do nothing! What a pleasure! Maybe I’m just tired from boredom and swampy nothingness. I’m having a parental leave. My days all look the same, like twin brothers and sisters. I get to know the fact that a weekend has started from seeing my husband in a daytime and not only at waking up and going back to sleep in the evening.
1. Some mornings start at 9, some start at 5.
2.I wake up from realizing that air around me is throbbing with life, and all I have left is to pour myself into it.
3.I still use the most natural product to feed Vasilisa. Best food you can get in Moscow.
4. I never ever stay alone, I mean never. Vas’ka likes to be with me and nothing can stop her. Well, almost nothing. It makes me happy, at least we will have long evenings together and chat about things when she grows up. 
5-6. Sometimes she gets tired from our morning conversations and I get a chance to go back to some unfinished morning business.Sleep sessions are short, so I try to finish my body procedures fast, best all at once. 
7-8.I try to follow the right diet in our family, so giving healthy and balanced food in time is important. Vasilisa is very little and hasn’t read all the wise books on the matter, so I try to convince her myself. For now, she pays attention and agrees with my point.
9-10.We are also together while cooking, I am at the table and she is under.
The list goes on … Read more on Yuliya’s website – so much love for this series.

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